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We know you may be wondering about a few more details, so we've compiled some common questions and answers. Download our Client Welcome Guide or contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.

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When should I reach out to start planning my next vacation?

Right now! (Only kidding... a little bit. But start here if you're ready!)

The best time to begin planning your trip is as soon as you know your travel dates. The travel industry has seen demand continue to increase over the past few years, so rates and availability are changing more rapidly than they historically have. The sooner you're able to make decisions about your trip, the more options you'll have.

What is the planning fee, and what does it include? Why do you charge one?

We offer several packages that allow you to choose the level of assistance you would like in planning your trip. Charging a fee allows us dedicate the time, expertise and attention to detail necessary to curate a personalized itinerary tailored just for your preferences.

You can download our "Client Welcome Guide" here to learn more about our planning process & packages.

What types of trips do you plan? Do you only plan travel to certain destinations?

Rather than focusing on specific destinations, we focus on a specific experience. As our tagline says, we plan "dream trips for discerning travelers." To us, a dream trip is one that is carefully crafted for a purpose. The trip could be in celebration of a honeymoon or milestone anniversary, it could be to check off a bucket list item, or it could simply be to spend quality time and create incredible memories with friends or family. The unifying theme is that the traveler is seeking a personalized, elevated experience. Planning these types of trips is truly where we shine!

What types of trips do you plan? Do you only plan trips to particular destinations?

Why should I work with a travel advisor?

Travel advisors offer expertise and services that are highly valuable to clients. We bring first-hand knowledge of ever-changing travel regulations, a high- touch experience, unmatched connections around the world, and in-destination support. Travel advisors save our clients countless hours of research, booking, and detail management. We learn more about your interests and preferences from each and every trip we plan for you so subsequent ones get even more personal and incredible over time!

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